Same love. Same diamond. New ring.

My husband, Dick, and I celebrated 25 awesome years of marriage in May. We had great plans to mark the moment – a trip to Italy, a dinner party with 25 of our closest friends, a ceremony to renew our vows that included our kids… then the world shifted and we put the plans aside (for now). We didn’t miss the opportunity to mark the moment, however.  

Dick had the idea to redesign my engagement ring to a ring that I would wear every day – one that was a  reflection of our relationship today and for the next 25. Over these past many years, my engagement ring mostly sat on my bedside table.  I loved my ring –a beautiful emerald cut diamond set in platinum – but it bothered my finger when I traveled for business and was a tad too traditional for me in my mid 50’s.  With the launch of Livewell, I found myself leaning towards a cool, statement cuff ring.  I would pop Livewell’s new designs on my left hand, and while my engagement ring stayed in the drawer, the Livewell rings got lots of love and attention!

Dick worked with my sister and daughters to redesign my ring using the same stunning emerald diamond. With their help, he designed the most stunning ring that reflects my style today, all the while retaining the meaning that came with the diamond that was there from our beginning.  Note: I never wanted a new ring.

 What they created was so "me" – a simple, modern, and classic ring.  The body – a thick gold band – not platinum.  The stone set east to west, not the traditional way – north to south.  The finish is matte – not shiny. And, I wear the ring on my middle finger not on my ring finger, just because.

 I can’t tell you how much I love this ring …  it represents 25 years of the most important relationship in my life and reflects me today. Much of me has changed – style, perspective... the list goes on – yet the core is the same. Dick captured this perfectly and, no surprise, when I  slide that ring on my middle finger every day and smile from the inside out, I know very clearly that I picked one of the best guys out there.

Someday soon, I’ll share with you what I did for Dick for our anniversary! And, if you are interested in updating your engagement ring or any piece of jewelry, reach out and let’s get creative.  I promise it will make you smile!



PS There are two baguette side stones remaining in the original setting.  I plan to design gold rings for my daughters, Libby and Ellie,  and surprise them at Christmas.








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