Blue Dress Moment

I love a great pair of jean shorts and a crisp white tee (James Perse is my go-to).  It’s my signature style, a comfortable uniform. Second skin. 

Mid-July something shifted.  Back from the beach, I was doing a quick change before cocktails, and I  just could not bring myself to put on my jean shorts and my not-so-crisp white tee. Blah! I had an urge to show up differently. Instead, I pulled a navy blue dress from my closet, one I’d just picked up at SLATE on Martha's Vineyard.  I wasn’t sure if the dress was really me – other than the awesome shade of navy – and I  wasn’t sure if “my crowd” was going to say “Why the #$%*” are you wearing a dress, that is so not you!” The thing is, I slipped the dress on (over my bikini top and with a double-wrapped gold ball chain around my neck) and I felt amazing. In a strange way, I  stood taller, shoulders back. I smirked.  Who cares if they don’t get it. I felt the awesomeness of this summer night and the freshness of the moment  -- ready to enjoy my brother, sister, nieces, and friends gathered in my tiny backyard for drinks and an easy dinner, after a stunning day!  I was ready to show up, maybe differently or maybe just more me, and the blue dress helped me to do just that. And it felt great.

No surprise, I’ve since had a few more “blue dress” evenings. I even wore the dress to the beach while my family and my son’s friends  took a late afternoon swim.!  My husband didn’t get it, “You are wearing your dress to the beach?” 😊

“Yup.” I said. He smirked back at me. (He got it and that made it even better!) 

Truth be told, when I design collections for Livewell, it is with the intention that we all stand taller, shine brighter, and have a bit of skip (aka confidence) in our step.  It makes life more fun for everyone!  Here’s to more blue-dress moments… and showing more of you!



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