Fresh Eyes

At this very moment I am in the middle of my favorite journey - the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer wIth my two loves, Bo and Mazee. (Yes, I am meeting my family there, too!)

Mazee & Bo


I think I love this journey so much because it brings me back to being a kid when my family would pile into two packed cars and head to Candlewood Lake for the summer -  a summer filled with friends, spin the bottle,  the candy store, sleeping in bathing suits and eating PB and J with Fritos on the rock in our back yard.  Summer smelled different and I loved sand in my sheets.

 The ferry ride is filled with anticipation about the eight weeks ahead, when I'll take the time to reset and try hard to look at things with fresh eyes. I'll read more, to learn more. I'll force myself to stay away from my computer after 3 pm and take bike rides at 11 pm. When I emerge in late August I will hopefully stand taller, brighter, and stronger (from the inside out)  -- with a renewed and positive perspective (and plan) on how to show up and lead, every day.

 Here’s to ferry rides and fresh eyes.

x Claire

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