Our Story

On founder Claire O’Hare’s 50th birthday, her sister, Susan, gave her a handmade oxidized silver moon sparkling with diamonds that she had made in a jewelry studio in NYC. “Never lose sight of your North Star,” was written on the card. Claire wore the moon every day with her style uniform: white James Perse t-shirt and torn jeans. The moon made her feel bigger, and friends wanted to know how they could have one made.

This gave Claire an idea. Cue: The Livewell journey.

Why Livewell?

For years and years, I wanted to start a beautiful brand. And as I got to thinking about it, I said, “What’s better than having a life well lived? It’s that something we all want and deserve?” I’m not talking about lavish and fancy things, it’s about something much simpler: friends, family, community, connection. It’s about the little things that make you smile. Each and every piece of Livewell jewelry is designed to do just that. I want to give people a way to show up in the world authentically, unapologetically, as themselves. That kind of confidence and positive energy is infectious, and I love being able to share it with a strong community to women.

What makes Livewell designs different?

First of all, the materials. We use 14k gold, and gorgeous diamonds and stones, and when we do use silver we plate it with white rhodium so it’s shiny, bright and non-tarnishing. At a fundamental level, they are quality materials, and all our products are always made in New York. Like a great cashmere sweater or the perfect cotton tee, I believe you start with the best materials to get the best product — that’s a non-negotiable for me..

When it comes to the designs themselves, I am very intentional about wearability. I describe our designs as “unfussy.” Every day fine jewelry that you can wear in the shower, walking the dog, out for dinner. And I find that when you have something that’s comfortable and easy to wear, you just show up a little bit more. That can be out in the world, or simply for yourself.


How do you want Livewell to make people feel?

Good. Simply good. I hear this from my customers all the time, and I love it. Whether it’s the Akemi ring that you just slide onto your middle finger, or the Orbit hoops (and I’ve heard this from people who don’t normally wear earrings), they literally never take these pieces off. That feels unique to us. Distinctly Livewell.

What do you want people to know about you and the brand?

That I’m here to collaborate. I love, love, love getting to know my customers — the Livewell community is made up of incredible women from across the country, all different ages and backgrounds, all with their own way of showing up in the world. I’m always happy to recommend a piece that fits their style, or even working together to design a custom piece using a stone or jewelry they already have, through our Bespoke offering. Any way I can help women live as their most-authentic selves, I’m here for it.


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