Claire's Always List

I have been meaning to write my "Always List" for a very long time; a list that guides me and defines the values I strive to live by every day. A recent post by Maria Shriver in her weekly blog The Sunday Paper inspired me to finally do it. I thought I would share my list with you since you are a big part of what motivates me. BIG LOVE X CLAIRE

  • Always design with friends in mind
  • Always made in New York
  • Always be creating (new self, new designs, new approaches, new partners...)
  • Always stick with the formula: Quality + Meaning + Unfussy design = Enduring Style
  • Always embrace one over many
  • Always stay authentic to what defines me
  • Always be a Giver
  • Always make people feel bigger, never smaller
  • Always allow space for other people to redefine themselves
  • Always live gratitude
  • Always value the power of community and connection

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