Life, A Creative Process

Livewell’s Always List is a list of values that guide me – they come from within. I rubber test them daily, and they don’t change, rather they become crisper and more refined. Two values have been on my mind lately  -  always be creating (new self, approaches, designs, ...) and always try to make people feel bigger, never smaller.

What I love about being an entrepreneur is that I am always creating… The entire process of building a business and reaching new customers is creative. At the start of 2020,  I wanted to understand if Livewell was meaningful to our customers.  I wanted to understand our “sticky factor”  – why our customers kept returning to Livewell and I wanted to engage new people and grow.  Since February, we have had in-depth conversations unpacking our purpose and defining our "why," led by the team at CVLRY.  It felt right to find that Livewell’s purpose is grounded in being true to yourself and simply showing up as the best version of you – whatever that means to YOU.

You can see the work of the past few months reflected in a fresh look for Livewell – in our approach to photography and our overall tone. There is no better feeling than co-creating with such a skilled and talented team – one that shares a vision and leads you (or pushes you) to think more creatively about how to show up in this world. I am not going to be shy here, I love our refined look, clear voice, and the truth we speak from.  It feels right. I hope you like it, too. 

 “Always make people feel bigger, never smaller” is a mantra that defines me.  The only way I know how to influence positive change in today's world is by showing up and making one person at a time feel bigger. It is simple and actionable and it is core to Livewell. Our summer collection, Summer Brights, was designed to encourage you to get your shine on this summer – for you to feel bigger and more hopeful about today.  I promise you: when you feel good, the world feels better.  Spread your shine this summer, we need you!

And, live well.

X Claire

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