From "I Do" to "Redo"

A dear friend reached out to me at the start of 2020 for a design session. We had a catch up over a glass of wine and began our collaboration on a new ring. Ally wanted to reinvent her engagement ring from a previous marriage, using the stones to create something new, fresh, and hip…a ring that she would wear every day and feel great about. This was instead of selling the ring for pennies on the dollar to a local jeweler. What a true reflection of Ally’s optimistic outlook on life – she was unwilling to let a past relationship define her.  I laughed when Ally called it her “I do” to the “Redo” creative session.

The design process was quick, clear, and fun (the wine helped!). Ally knew she wanted the classic Livewell cuff ring for her middle finger and the rest of the design decisions fell into place. She chose 14kt yellow gold, a high polish finish, and an east-west bezel setting for her beautiful brilliant-cut oval diamond. 

The new cuff ring was a stunner.  Ally picked it up in April, mid-pandemic when we all needed a bit of shine in our lives.  She slipped the ring onto the middle finger of her left hand and beamed.  It was perfect.

As Ally drove away she said, “Guess what, I don’t even see the flaw in the diamond anymore.  And, I love that it is on my middle finger – just in case!”

Love you, Ally.  Keep rocking it.

x Claire


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