Meaning + Zag

Few things feel better than collaborating on a piece of jewelry that has great meaning attached to it.  It makes you feel connected from the inside out – it is pure joy.

My dear friend Nada came to me awhile back with the diamond from her Mom’s engagement ring.  Nada’s dad had passed away years ago and this stone represented the love and connection between her parents. 

Nada wanted to design a ring that she would never take off – she wanted a piece of her parents in her daily life. But the ring had to have a bit of flair. She loved the simplicity of the Akemi cuff ring, so we started there.  A few questions followed … which finger, what color, stone setting, any new stones, finish….? Together, we nailed these details pretty quickly – middle finger, 18kt yellow gold, bezel-set centered diamond,and a hammered finish.  BAM. I suggested we add something extra for Nada, so we scattered fifteen smaller diamonds around the ring. And just because, I added two diamonds on the inside of the ring to represent the love and connection between Nada and her husband Avery.  

Nada often says that this ring represents her life.  I later found out that Nada’s parents were married for 30 years and her dad passed away on their 30th anniversary.  The 15 diamonds (a simple design addition) ended up reflecting something so meaningful to Nada.  Insert… joy!

I beam when Nada sends me screenshots of her hand during a business meeting  ☺.I love that Nada used a stone that represented her parents bond and created a new piece of jewelry that is a reflection of her – hip, cool and always connected to the important things in life.

Meaning + zag.

x Claire

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