One Big Exhale

Hi, friends.

A new season is approaching, and I don’t just mean a temperature change. Our world is beginning to slowly and safely reopen, and after a challenging year in our homes, we’ll finally be able to reemerge. It feels like one big exhale just in time for a bright, fresh spring. Phew.

While there is so much I’m looking forward to, there are important lessons I learned over the last year that I don’t want to lose sight of. For so long, it felt like we were on autopilot; filling our days with meetings and plans, rushing from one thing to the next. Never taking the time to stop and ask ourselves if this is how we want to be living. If we’re living in a way that is true to ourselves. Quarantine, while difficult for many reasons, did afford us one unique privilege: time. Time to stop. Time to reassess. Time to check in with ourselves. With each other. Our previously fast-paced lives put certain things on the backburner, though we know them now to be fundamental. As we get ready for our return to normal (whatever that means these days!), my priorities are:

Keep it simple.
Spend your time on what matters to you.
Share love with the people you hold dear.
Every. Single. Day. 

What about you?

Let’s get out there.


P.S. Meet my spring sidekick: our new GBC Toggle Chain. 

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