Ann Bonham: Strong and Elegant


For us, beauty, meaning, and connection are the ingredients of a life well-lived. We asked our friend Ann Bonham, a nationally recognized thought leader and strategist in academic medicine, how she defines these ingredients in her life and in the world. We asked about her connection to jewelry and Livewell Design. 

Ann on beauty: I see beauty in geometric shapes in nature and in the interaction of light on objects. I find it in the faces of strangers and friends, and in visibly loving relationships. On meaning and connection: I think meaning in the world is inextricably linked to a respect for all persons, to authenticity and kindness. I try to connect to a meaningful world by learning from and reaching out to people who have not benefited from the privileges and respect that others of us enjoy. I have committed my voice to under served women, men, and children. On jewelry: The jewelry I choose to wear makes me feel at home with who I am. I enjoy being a little different – but not jarringly so – by combining texture and color. A favorite piece is an oxidized Livewell cuff with small diamonds. It reflects the parts of me that are visible to the world and parts less obvious. What makes it beautiful is the contrast of strong and understated with an elegance that is not flashy.

(Ann is wearing a custom Livewell oxidized cuff with diamonds and an oxidized signet ring with a row of diamonds)

photo by Dane Towell


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