Karen Elders: Love More

"All the Elders women have a Live Well Love More Charm necklace – my daughters, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law – and I have given the charm to two friends for their 50th birthday. It is a unique gift that everyone loves. 

The simplicity of the 14kt gold circle hand stamped and decorated with a diamond is well-suited to the simple message. I think of it as a nice reminder to focus on what's right in front of us –family and friends – and on core values, like human connection and kindness. When I give the charm, I feel I am passing along a simple statement of kindness. 

My girlfriend from college was so blown away by the personal message that she thought I had had it made exclusively for her. That is how every gift should feel! 

Come to think of it, I need to get one for my own mother…” Karen E.


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