Claire and the GBC

Recently we caught up with our founder, Claire O’Hare, and heard about the one piece of jewelry she simply cannot take off — and why she thinks others might feel the same way.

Are you wearing any Livewell right now?

Yes! My latest obsession is the Gold Ball Chain — or as we like to call it, the GBC. It’s such a timeless piece that women in their 20s to their 80s have been loving.  When you feel its weight and put it on, it’s like something magical happens. I’m currently rocking the 34-inch, double wrapped for a layered look. But when I’m looking for something a little more delicate I wear the 16-inch. It goes with everything. Sometimes I even put a gorgeous stone on it for a little extra zag. Lately the GBC has garnered a bit of a cult following, and I can see why. I don’t remember the last time I took it off! 

How do you want women to feel when wearing the GBC? 

I hear this from women all the time: They absolutely love it and they never take it off — which is music to my ears. Recently a customer in Texas wrote to say she wore it to a small family get-together and her daughter asked about it… An hour later, her granddaughter asked about it! Now all three women from three different generations own the GBC –  it’s become a family affair. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. It’s an everyday piece that gets you noticed, and that’s a feeling everyone deserves to have. 

If your GBC had a BFF what piece would that be? 

I’m one for simplicity, and simple goes with simple really well. One of my favorite pairings with the GBC is the Akemi ring: it’s a Livewell favorite, it’s simple, chic, and bold, yet still understated. Whether you opt for the classic, try the hammered for a bit of zaggy texture, or spring for the diamond-studded option, you can’t go wrong. It’s all about what feels most “you.” My picks for pairing the GBC are all a part of what I’ve named the Perfect Collection 

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