Guest Interview: Nada Stirratt

Nada Stirratt, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions for the US and Canada, is a friend of Livewell. She shares with us her opinions on jewelry and style and gives us a glimpse of her ingredients for a life well-lived. 


Are you a jewelry person?

I love jewelry. I like to mix it up with different pieces and materials. But I am not a fussy jewelry person.

How does jewelry fit into your everyday look?

I wear a watch every day, even though I am a digital person with a phone on hand. On my other arm, I always have a cuff or bracelets or statement ring. There’s hardly a day that I’m not wearing some type of jewelry.

Do you have a Livewell favorite?

My Shagreen Serpent Cuff. It's stunning. I love the texture of the silver and then the simplicity of the gold snake. People stop me on the street and ask me about it. I also love the polished silver Anguilla Ring.

How would you define your personal style?

I love great quality and texture, a fantastic fit, and a degree of simplicity. That said, I love fashion and tend to have one or two key new pieces each season that make me happy.

What do you feel most comfortable wearing?

A really great tailored pair of pants and an interesting top.

Favorite designers?

I love The Row, Jason Wu, Stella McCartney. I also love finding new designers. My two current favorites are Ellery and Emilia Wickstead. For shoes, it's Manolo Blahnik or Gianvito Rossi - I could run a marathon in either, they're so comfortable! For jewelry, it's Claire O'Hare. I love what she has done with Livewell. Her design is so much about the texture of the pieces and the way she mixes metals. Her jewelry tells a story. The story draws me.

Do you have a Livewell piece that tells a story?

I happened to be with Claire on my 22nd wedding anniversary and she was wearing an amazing cuff that had two rows of parallel diamonds running toward each other, yet not quite colliding. I took one look at her wrist and said, “That’s my piece!” The cuff was telling the story of a beautiful marriage. My husband and I are two very independent people who are always completely in sync but not messy. We took it from Claire’s arm and now I think of it as my anniversary cuff.  

Style idols?

Victoria Beckham with her clean, sharp, fitted look and Naomi Campbell who just owns it.

LW's holiday collection will be "dressed up" simple. How would you style it?

Nothing is better than a fantastic black sheath with a really amazing cuff, layered with diamonds and a cool pair of earrings. That is my dressed up simple.

If you were to give your best friend a gift from Livewell, what would you give?

I already have! The Livewell Gold Ball Chain with a Love More Charm.

What are your ingredients for a life well-lived?

A general sense of gratitude, being present, simplicity, and magical experiences. Definitely experiences over things. And quiet. I think it takes time to earn a less noisy life well-lived and so much of it is attitude.

What makes you happiest?

Being at home with a good book, relaxing in front of a fire. My home is my happy place. Right now, I’m reading The Bettencourt Affair about the heiress to the L’Oreal empire. It’s phenomenal.

What do you admire most in other people?

I admire kindness and curiosity.

What’s your mantra?

It is better to ask for forgiveness than wait for permission.


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