Reflections from Claire O'Hare

On life...

I have always felt the fragility of life. Since I can remember, I never wanted to look back and say “I wish I …” Instinctively I knew that the only thing I could control in this crazy world was being present, being in the moment. And so that is where I choose to live.

On the ingredients of a life well-lived...

After a quiet summer on Martha’s Vineyard walking the dogs, riding a bike, allowing myself to do very little, I realized that a few ingredients of a well lived-life were bubbling up — authenticity, gratitude, connection, being quiet and keeping things simple.

Are these ingredients universal?

These ingredients are fluid. Everyone has her own. These are mine heading into the fall.

Where does quiet lead?

When you allow yourself to get quiet, you get to know your core, your soul – what I call your north star.  (I have learned that self never lies!). The more you engage your North Star, the more comfortable you are with being authentically you. What better gift to give the world than yourself?  I think this is the KEY ingredient  - authenticity.  Know who you are and embrace it in all that you do!

What is your design vision for fall?

I get my head around life in a noisy world by keeping things simple. One way I manifest this is with my wardrobe – white tees, jeans, and awesome boots are my everyday uniform. My “aha” moment when designing the fall line was that I’d keep our design simple – a modern take on a classic design. Livewell jewelry would add luxury with an edge to a woman’s style.

Why are you building Livewell?

No doubt the company I would launch after years at Facebook would be Livewell. I asked myself, “How does one live well? Can I encourage people to allow themselves to live well? What are my ingredients to living well and how can I share that?”

And its greater purpose?

My purpose with Livewell is to  understand a few ingredients of living well  and encourage people to be the best version of themselves.  The jewelry is along for the ride — I want people to have fun with it and simply feel like they are living big.

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Awesome perspective, awesome jewelry!!

Connie October 07, 2017

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