Guest Interview: Susan DiMarco

Susan DiMarco, jewelry designer and big sister to Claire O'Hare, has a signature style that we have coined "dressed up simple."

Why do you design and make jewelry?

I make jewelry to give it away to those that admire it!

Where do you find your inspiration?

There is no rhyme or reason to it. I might find inspiration in the shape of the water bottle on the table. A bud vase may give me an idea for an interesting necklace -- a vessel of sorts – and the flower petals might inspire a thought about color and texture. Recently, nailheads on a red leather chair inspired me.

If I slow down and pay attention,  I can find inspiration everywhere. It requires slowing down.

What else grabs you?

I like gold.  I think that may come from having gone to dental school. It was one of the earliest metals I worked with.

What are all of these little bags of stones?

I collect gemstones knowing one day I will incorporate each one into a piece of jewelry. I am drawn to colorful stones –especially saturated colors  – and I love the brilliance of a stone when it is cut well.

Do you have a favorite stone in the Livewell collection?

Yes, I love the Brazilian tourmaline in the Green Goddess Ring. I designed and made that ring for Claire's 50th birthday. I love the shape and scale of the stone. The stone catches the light beautifully.

What about the rough stone jewelry that is so popular these days?

Rough stones are beautiful, they are more contemporary. In a raw stone, you are likely to see how the earth left it. It is kind of a found object. My sister Claire is very drawn to raw gemstones, it is reflective of her natural style, I think. Livewell has some beautiful new rough stone pieces.

Favorite fashion designers?

I'd have to say Prada, Valentino and Yves St. Laurent.  I guess I love classic beauty.

What's your daily uniform?

(Susan laughs).

Black spandex pants, a black bra, a Tees by Tina cami, weird sneakers, and an ultralight down jacket in army green from Uniqlo. I might throw on a Balenciaga scarf and grab a crossbody bag. That's my everyday.

Why the workout wear?

I box. I'm a lefty. I have a solid left hook.

Are you left brain or right brain?

I'm mixed up. I always have been. I think that makes me a little of both.

Can you share with us some of your Ingredients for a life well-lived?

Life doesn't feel right if I can't share the things that make me happy.  Spending time w my family and watching my children become the people they are meant to be.

My Sunday ingredient -- every Sunday -- is sitting on the couch next to my husband, Jeh, and watching the Sunday news shows. Nothing in my family gets started until we've watched the Sunday news shows, especially Meet the Press.

And flea markets in foreign cities.

What have you discovered in the fleas?

On a trip to London, I discovered British sterling Albert Pocket Watch chains.  Many of the chains are covered with charms, awards, and acknowledgments of those who wore them. I like that the chains tell the story of personal accomplishment.

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Susan is a classic. Wonderful personality, warmth, talent and friend. So happy to know her.

Nancy Flinn January 17, 2018

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