The Nailhead Collection

Sometimes you come across something that is so easy and perfect, you want more of the same - the best white tee or the perfect fitting jeans. You put them on, you feel great, then you collect them in all the colors and washes they come in. They become your every day go-to. That is how I felt about Livewell’s Nailhead Collection when I began designing it three years ago. I started the collection with a mixed metal nailhead. I loved the simplicity of the bracelet and the mixing of gold and silver. I could wear it alone or stack it with other cuffs. I designed one in gold, then added pave diamonds to the end of another for a more dressed-up simple feeling. Then I scaled back to a simple silver nailhead. And Livewell had a collection.

Wear a nailhead as a single piece or stack them to tell an interesting “arm story.” There will be more to come!

I promise you will never take off your Nailhead Cuff.  I know when I find something I love, I stick with it.


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