Livewell is Five!

Livewell is five years old this month! We have grown a ton. We have found our voice and solidified our values -- open-handedness and generosity, among them. We have built a great relationship with you and our partners, and I have gained confidence in our signature design approach of less is always better. Five years ago, I listened to what was whirling around in my head - a call to build a brand that reflected beauty and simplicity -- and made the leap to leave Facebook and start a company from scratch (thank you to my sister, Sue). I wanted to build a brand that reflected the style I align with in the world – simple, well-made, never too much, and a touch of hip. There have been times that I have thought of walking away, for a gazillion legitimate reasons. But in these moments (usually the next morning), when I quieted down and looked to my inner North Star, I kept moving. And always with more focus and balance.                      
On Livewell's 5th birthday, I want to say THANK YOU for your support. Our gift to you is a North Star Sapphire Druzy Bracelet that shines with a Montana sapphire. Gratis with any purchase from October 11 through the 31st. CODE: HIGH5. Stack it on your arm as a reminder to follow your North Star, or gift it to someone you love.                                                      
Where are you going in these next five years? Wherever it is, I encourage you to follow your North Star.             
X Claire
ps The promo code is HIGH5. Add it to your cart with any Livewell purchase.

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