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We asked Claire O'Hare, founder of Livewell, to tell us what's on her mind and fresh for holiday.  She talks to us about Livewell's move toward collections and gives us some fun holiday gift ideas.

What are you most excited about these days?

I’m excited about how cohesive the line has become. We are building collections at Livewell, rather than one-off pieces. It’s given me real design discipline. The collections are based on aspects of the line that have resonated with our customers for the last four years – mixed metals, diamonds, nothing too fussy. I am particularly excited about the Nailhead Cuff Collection. The bracelets are both edgy and refined. They look great stacked.

Anything else new?

I have been co-creating pieces with customers, an emerald dinner ring to engagement rings. I am very excited about our custom focus.

What are your favorite gifts to give from Livewell?

I love gifting the druzy bracelets, as they each hold meaning. It might be “Follow your North Star” with the North Star Grey Druzy Bracelet or “Locked in love“ with the Locked Lava Bracelet. They are fun and whimsical. I also love gifting the gold skinny dog tag – I usually hand stamp a meaningful message on the back. Any gift with a story or meaning is the best kind.

What are you wearing these days?

I am wearing a vintage Livewell cuff with a new Pave Nailhead Cuff.  It looks fresh. I am also layering the Gold and Silver Toggle Chain and the Rhodium and Gold Toggle Chain. I wear one short and wrapped, the other long. I am loving our chains and nailhead cuffs these days.

Do you have a style philosophy?

My style philosophy applies to everything I buy. I go for really good pieces and build on them. Fewer, better pieces. I prefer a modern, clean classic edge to things that are trendy.

Gold or Silver?

At 54, I am starting with gold and adding some silver. I love to mix it up and look a bit unexpected.  But too much gold is too refined for me. I love the combination of both metals.

Favorite Holiday Song?

“Silent Night”!  I settle into myself when I hear it.

Last thought?

I love giving gifts, so starting on Black Friday (11/23) and running through Cyber Monday (11/26), we’ll gift a Silver Skinny Anguilla Cuff to every customer who buys a piece of Livewell over $495. You give to others, we give to you…It’s that season!

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