Jill Saunders, Co-owner of Pimlico

You have a carefully edited and curated selection of beautiful things at Pimlico. What is the lens through which you edit your collection?

We get inspired by new designs or interesting takes on classic styles. Color and texture are large motivating factors in our selection of beautiful things.  Our collection of throws in a variety of rich blues, all made from the finest alpaca thread and dyes, is an example of this. We were recently introduced to them by a woman in Connecticut who works with the indigenous Ecuadorian artisans who make them, in the tradition of the generations that came before them. We have to LOVE what we carry.  I couldn’t expect a customer to buy something I didn’t absolutely feel passionate about.

How does Livewell jewelry fit with your collection?

How doesn’t it?  When I want to feel a bit edgy I don my honking LW oxidized silver cuff with scattered drops of gold and diamonds.  When I want to be more refined, I wear LW’s rose gold disc stud earrings.  And sometimes, when I feel like looking bad-ass and polished at the same time, I will wear the cuff and the earrings together.

What makes Pimlico and Livewell so simpatico, in your opinion?

I think we have a very similar mission.  To bring beauty and meaning to people through good design.

Are you a gold or silver person?

I am an everything person!  I constantly mix gold, silver and rose gold.  I don’t feel there is a reason for us to restrict ourselves to one or the other.  My LW gold flat end bracelet never leaves my wrist and I’m constantly layering around it.

Which piece of Livewell would you like to give as a gift? And to whom would you give it?

I would choose the green tourmaline cuff ring for my best friend.  The stone is said to help stimulate happiness and joy and to aid in compassion towards oneself.  My best friend has always been very hard on herself and has trouble seeing her true inner and outer beauty.  The meaning behind the Livewell brand paired with the power of the tourmaline would be a wonderful gift.   

What is an ingredient of a life well lived for you?

Balance.  It’s hard to achieve it and even harder to hold onto it, as we all rush through our daily lives.  With balance, you are able to give your best to whatever might be in front of you: work, kids, relationships, a good book

What is in your closet this summer?

I just treated myself to an oversized, lightweight white cashmere short sleeved sweater.  I think it’ll be my go-to for chilly nights outside by the fire pit.  

Pimlico just moved to a gorgeous new location in New Canaan. Are you taking the opportunity of the move to do anything differently?

With the larger space, we are able to dedicate more resources to our interior design services, while still keeping retail in the same location.  The studio looks just stunning.  It is open, light-filled, and dynamic. It is a place where you can feel inspired, whether that inspiration helps you look for objects to fill your home, a great summer wrap or a piece of eye-catching jewelry.  We also took the opportunity to launch a beautiful new website – Pimlicointeriors.com.

Thank you, Jill! We are so excited to visit Pimlico’s new store! Congratulations to you and Melissa on your launch. 

xx Claire

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