Claire O'Hare
Kimberly Process


On my 50th birthday, my sister, Susan, gave me a handmade oxidized silver moon sparkling with diamonds that she had made in a jewelry studio in NYC. The simple necklace was beautiful. The oxidation made it edgy. “Never lose sight of your North Star,” she wrote on the card. I wore the moon every day with my style uniform: white James Perse t-shirt and my torn jeans. The moon made me feel bigger, and friends wanted to know how they could have one made

This gave me an idea. I would build a company that designs simple and beautiful objects that connect people through meaning, starting with jewelry. I am always striving to find the next best version of myself and am reminded every day that fewer, better things are ingredients to living well. Livewell’s collection of fine, limited-edition, handcrafted jewelry would be a manifestation of this belief. I wanted to design with friends in mind. Collaboration around design would bring meaning – more ingredients of a life well-lived.

I introduced Livewell’s first fine jewelry collection at a gathering in my barn in New Canaan. We have grown since then into an online store with a collection of signature stone necklaces, cuff bracelets, cuff rings, chain necklaces , and natural stone earrings. I am Livewell's lead designer and Susan has stayed connected with a holiday line we've named "Dressed Up Simple." Wearing a beautiful piece of fine jewelry is a reminder to me to never lose sight of what is most important – holding onto to the people I love and always making people feel bigger. I hope you will treat yourself to a piece of Livewell jewelry.

XO Claire

My Always List

I am guided in my commitment to Livewell by the values I strive to live by every day. You are a big part of what motivates me. Here's my Always List:

  • Always design with friends in mind
  • Always made in New York
  • Always be creating (new self, new designs, new approaches...)
  • Always the formula: Quality + Meaning + Unfussy design = Enduring Style
  • Always embrace one over many
  • Always stay authentic to what defines me
  • Always be a Giver
  • Always make people feel bigger, never smaller
  • Always allow space for other people to redefine themselves
  • Always live gratitude
  • Always value the power of community and connection